Tanning Services

Tanning Services & Prices

Between our tanning beds and the Mystic Tan HD, our services will have you looking beach-ready in no time! If you have any questions feel free to give us a call at 519-533-1979!

One Time Tanning Session


Bronze: $75
Silver: $85
Gold: $95

Bronze: $130
Silver: $140
Gold: $150

Beach Bums Yearly Membership

With our Yearly Membership, you can enjoy tanning all year long. We have singles and couples membership options available. Prices are to be paid in monthly installments. If you have any questions about our tanning services feel free to contact us! 

Beach Bums Membership

Per Month
  • Bronze: $30
  • Silver: $40
  • Gold: $50

Couple Membership

Per Month
  • Bronze: $40
  • Silver: $50
  • Gold: $60

Unlimited Tanning Packages

What’s better than tanning at Beach Bums Tanning? Having access to our Unlimited Tanning Packages! Whether you are a single or a couple, you can get these awesome Tanning Packages. We are now offering Singles & Couples Unlimted Tanning Packages for your choice of 1 Month or 3 Months.


1 Month
  • Bronze: $50
  • Silver: $60
  • Gold: $70


3 Month
  • Bronze: $130
  • Silver: $160
  • Gold: $185


1 Month
  • Bronze: $89
  • Silver: $109
  • Gold: $129


3 Month
  • Bronze: $239
  • Silver: $299
  • Gold: $409

Mystic Tan HD

The Mystic Tan HD system is our new favourite tanning service. This amazing automated spray booth provides high definition, sunless results. Giving you a perfect tan in minutes. You’ll “never miss a step” with the step-by-step automatic tanning process provided.

Within 3 minutes of being in the private, warm booth, you will achieve a full-body tan. Leaving you with glowing, sun-kissed skin. There are multiple shades of bronzer available to enhance the skin tone and a variety of seasonal scents.

Choose your shade, add in your myxers and get ready for a professional spray tan!

Basic Tan: $40
Add Bronzer: +$5
Add Scent: +$5
Add Accelerator: $10 (Allows to shower in 4 hours.)

Walk-ins welcome, time may vary!
Call the store directly to make your appointment for the Mystic Tan.

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